General Fee Structure Quick View

Fee Structure

Admission Fee (One Time).  Rs 19,000
Security Deposit (Refundable). Rs 8,000

Tuition Fee Per Credit Hour

Management Sciences


BBA 4-year 4150
BS Accounting & Finance 4150
BS Aviation Management 4150
MBA 4150
MS,MPhil 5000
MS Engineering Mangement 5000
PhD 5000

Computer Sciences


BS-CS 5000
BS-ERP 4500
MCS 4500
MSc-ERP 4500
MS 5000
PhD 5000



BE-Electrical 5400
BE-Avionics 5400
BE-Mechatronics 5400
MS (Electronic Engineering) 5000
PhD (Electronic Engineering) 5000

Media & Arts


BCA,BS-TV & Film Production 5800
MCA 4800


  1. For each morning program’s student is required to pay Rs. 1000 per Regular semester and Rs. 500 in Summer semester for Student Societies’ activities, while the evening programs students pay Rs. 800/- and Rs. 400/- respectively.
  2. Each student is required to pay Rs. 500 per semester for his/her copies of research work and publication journal by the Institute.
  3. Internship/Project/Thesis fees are charged as per credit hour.
  4. Only security deposit is refundable on termination of admission.
  5. Rs. 8000 shall be charged from students for degree and graduation charges. Security deposit amount can be used to service the degree and graduation charges at the time of graduation.
  6. An estimated 10% raise in tuition fee is expected according to inflation rate annually.